Unduh Buku

Judul, Penerbit, Author, Unduh pdf:

  1. Junior Progression 100 Steps To Excelence. A Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Parents; by: Richard McAfee, USATT National Coach; pdf, @wp.
  2. Instructor’s Guide to Table Tennis, USA Tabel Tennis; Larry Hodges; pdf, @wp.
  3. TABLE TENNIS, Royal NAVY, pdf., @wp.
  4. Table Tennis In Schools Program, Australian Sports Commision, pdf., @wp.
  5. Table Tennis Tactisc; Meyer & Meyer Sports; Geske/Mueller, pdf, @wp.
  6. Playing For Life – Table Tennis; Autralian Sports Commision; pdf, @wp.
  7. Professional Table Tennis Coaches Handbook: USA Table Tennis; Larry Hodges; pdf, @wp.
  8. Table Tennis Steps To Success; Human Kinetics; Richard McAfee; pdf, @wp.
  9. How To Wins at Table Tennis; Greg Letts; pdf, @wp.
  10. FERENC KARSAI’S TRAINING DRILLS; Cliff Edens; pdf , @wp.
  11. Efects of Training with Multiball… : pdf, @wp.


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